HC Premiere Lampshades

Upgrade your favorite lamp
Create an instant makeover

HC Premiere Lampshades

A new Home Concept lamp shade will instantly upgrade your favorite lamp. Quickly select the correct lampshade with confidence. HC Premiere Lampshades come in most popular and hard to find sizes, so be sure to measure your existing shade.

A new Home Concept Premiere lamp shade will help you quickly update your room to match your personal style home decor. Interior designers love shades because of their remarkable range and transformative power.

Lampshades are a personal expression, so be sure to choose a reputable manufacturer. Home Concept wants to help you achieve the home of your dreams by providing innovative, functional, and beautiful products. HC's Premiere Lampshades are exceptional pieces displaying the distinctive elements of style. Trust Home Concept's reputation for excellence as you browse their collection of lamp shades.

Most customers know it is time for a new lamp shade when their current shade gets brittle, yellow or just goes out of style.

Buy replacement fabric lamp shades for your lamp base. Lampshades offer you the opportunity to be stylish and creative with your lighting choices, as well as alter the look and feel of the room. Not only can the proper lamp shade design help complement the design of your room, it can alter the light output of the lamp to better suit your living needs.

You too can transform your room by reviving your favorite lamp with a new lamp shade! Choose from a variety of styles including drum shades, cylinder shades, empire shades, floor shades, coolie shades, bell shades, oval shades, square shades and chandelier lamp shades. If your old lampshade is yellow, faded or brittle, now is the time for a replacement lamp shade. Nothing transforms a room quicker than a new lampshade!