Moderne Vanity Shade Covers

Convert your Hollywood Bath Light to Modern Masterpiece

DIY Hollywood Light Cover Kit 

Do you have an old vanity strip light with exposed bulbs? These are often called "Hollywood Vanity Bath Strip Lights" since they mimic film studio and back-stage makeup lights. Like many trends from the 70's and 80's, these dated lights are no longer in style and will hurt your decorating reputation. 

Don't continue to be embarrassed by your dated bath fixture when it is so easy to upgrade to a light you will be proud of.  Just look how great your old light can look with a new vanity shade conversion kit.

How to Cover a Vanity Strip Light

Upgrading to a modern vanity strip light cover is super easy and anyone can do this simple DIY project. Simply measure the width of your bathroom vanity light and pick a cover 2"-4" wider than your light. It is important to have a wider shade so you won't see the old light peeking out from the sides. 

No Electrician needed. Simple 2-screw installation never touches your existing light, so landlords love it. Our complete kits provides everything you need to easily install above your vanity light. Includes shade, 2 wall brackets, 2 anchors and 2 screws. Secure Installation because we use solid wall brackets (not flimsy velcro or worse glue) to ensure your new shade will not sag or shift, for years of faithful service.

Convert Many Types of Bath Lights

You can transform a “Hollywood” bathroom light bar to a modern designer-look to instantly upgrade any bathroom. Plus you can convert many other types of vanity lights:  Cover Frosted glass shade lights, linear bathroom light bars, fluorescent strips, missing shade or missing bulb bath fixtures, LED Vanity Lights, medicine cabinets and more. 

Lets face it, most vanity lights trend out of style after a decade or two.  Odds are your bath light is in need of a renovation.  The Moderne vanity light cover fits most old fixtures.  Just make sure your light does not extend more than 6" from the wall.

The Best Modern Vanity Light Shade Covers

Converting your basic vanity light bar into a modern farmhouse masterpiece  with a vanity conversion kit, is truly the quickest way to instantly transform your dated bathroom.  The Moderne vanity conversion kit is designed to fit over your existing vanity light strip (so no re-wiring is required).  These vanity shades are an excellent choice for any apartment or home.

IMPRESS YOUR GUESTS - Even if your guest don’t mention it, they are noticing your old, dated light fixture.  You don't have to continue to be embarrassed by your old, out-of-style light.  Especially when upgrading is so easy.  Not available in any local store.

Renter Friendly Vanity Wraps

Perfect apartment upgrade fits in front of your bath light, leaving the existing vanity light untouched. Better still, the Moderne replacement light convers are easy to move.  When you remove bath shade, you instantly return the existing light to its original condition, making landlords happy. Nobody will ever know that you enjoyed a premium light improvement since you will leave no trace.  Perfect upgrade for apartments, condos, Air B&B, and commercial use.  Another great solution for renters is our Flush Mount Conversion Kits, which covers garish glass dome "boob" lights.

Bath Shade Reduces Glare

The dirty little secret is that most bath lights give off a harsh glare that cause eyestrain and create harsh shadows that are not flattering.  A vanity shade refresh kit will soften harsh glare from exposed bare bulbs, while modernizing your bathroom. Light output will decrease a bit, so consider higher wattage LED bulbs.  Harsh shadows will be toned down since the light is dissipated and diffused. 

Vanity Light Conversion Kit Sizing

Always pick a shade cover 2-4" wider than your light bar.