18" Moderne Flush Mount Converter Kit Textured Oatmeal  Shallow Drum Lampshade 18"x18"x10"
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$ 96.99

<18" Moderne Flush Mount Converter Kit Textured Oatmeal Shallow Drum Lampshade 18"x18"x10"

***This is a kit only. This kit adapts to your existing dome fixture to create a stunning look - without the use of an electrician. Kit includes shade, rod parts, and diffuser. (requires you to have an existing dome light with a center post)

The Home Concept Moderne Ceiling Light Cover Converter Kit will turn your dated glass dome light into a stunning, modern drum ceiling light. More than a simple ceiling light cover, this drum ceiling shade is a brand new way to get a stunning look out of those over used ceiling lights.

The innovative Moderne ceiling light conversion kit works with existing infrastructure (cost effective), which means no expensive electrician is necessary. All you need to do is remove the ugly glass, and the ceiling light converter kit will connect to your existing center post hardware. Please make sure you have the center post hardware. 

Will the Moderne Ceiling Light Converter Kit work with your light? AS LONG AS YOU HAVE A THREADED ROD IN THE CENTER OF YOUR EXISTING LIGHT, and the light frame is 17" or narrower.

Our kit will attach to this threaded rod, which connects to the shade and diffuser.


  • THIS IS A KIT TO CONVERT A FLUSH MOUNT TO A DRUM - Kit includes only a shade, rod parts/assembly components, and diffuser
  • DRUM SHADE CEILING LIGHT COVER MAKES FOR A STUNNING LOOK - The idea is remarkably simple, but as you can see, it looks quite grand
  • MUST HAVE A THREADED CENTER ROD ON YOUR CEILING LIGHT - Your fixture needs to have a center rod for this to work. 

This Home Concept Moderne Ceiling light kit is the perfect DIY upgrade for any old glass dome light with an innovative ceiling lamp shade. Turn ordinary into stunning and get instant gratification from this easy-to-install Drum ceiling light Converter Kit. Don't settle for an embarrassing old dome light, especially when transforming to a fashionable drum light is so easy to install.

Apartment Lighting note: Perfect for renters, because you can easily switch back to the old light when you leave.

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