ALTER YOUR REALITY and add some some intriguing fun to your room with the "Big Reveal" LED corner light. This unique architectural light creates the illusion that the corner of your wall is being ripped away to reveal another dimension lurking behind it. Like a portal into the great beyond! 3 full color scenes are included to complete the illusion: Brick, Barnwood, and Blue Sky. The Big Reveal is unlike anything you have seen before. A real "statement" light that will define any room. The unique curved triangle design will draw your guest's attention and improve your room's "cool-factor". Paintable metal surface lets you match your wall color to enhance the illusion. Easy to install in any corner. Extra long 17' thin white cord blends into the corner and should easily reach your outlet. The Big Reveal LED light plugs in so you don't need to pay an electrician to install. Easy to move or take with you when you leave, so perfect solution for apartments, dorm rooms, bedrooms, living rooms and rec rooms.
  • ALTER YOUR REALITY: This creative light gives the illusion that the corner of your wall is being ripped away to reveal a mystery land lurking behind it. 3 full color scenes are included so you can complete the illusion: Brick, Barn-wood, and Blue Sky. (Or create your own to personalize your "Big Reveal".) Paintable metal surface lets you match your wall color to enhance the illusion. 
  • EASY DIY INSTALLATION: Complete kit includes everything you need to easily install in the corner of your ceiling. 17" curved metal panel, Integrated LED light strips, 17' white cord, 3 screws with wall anchors. Easy to move to another corner anytime!
  • EXTRA LONG WHITE CORD: 17' thin 2 wire White Cord, with 2 prong plug. Handy Dimmer on cord lets you adjust down to 10% power. Dimmer has memory so it turns on to the same light level you set when you turned it off. Dimmer is 35" from the plug. Tap for On/Off, Hold to dim.
  • ACCENT LIGHT - The Big Reveal is an ACCENT lamp, designed to brighten a dark corner or wall. It will add to the overall ambient light, but it is not really designed to light-up an entire room or for reading. LED STRIPS INCLUDED - 50,000 hr rated LED strips use only 15w, yet emit 1,500 lumens of light, (which is the equivalent of a 100w incandescent bulb.); Light spectrum rating is 3,000 K, which provides warm light in the yellow range.
  • IMPRESS YOUR GUESTS: Every room needs a signature piece that visitors will notice. The "Big Reveal's" unique reality-altering design will draw rave reviews. Brighten any dark corner quickly. Light attracts the eye and this unique corner wall light will attract lots of attention. Perfect for apartments, dorm rooms, family rooms, rec rooms and anywhere you need a creative corner lighting solution.
  • ETL APPROVED - Integrated LED light strips emit 1500 lumens and is fully dimmable. Built with ETL approved components, for years of safe and reliable service. Indoor use only.