Home Concept Introduces New and Improved Lamp Shades

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Home Concept announces the launch of a new collection of improved lamp shades. The new product line has been launched to meet with the growing demand for new breed of lamp shades among their customers.

The company already has a huge inventory of lamp shades, which includes short drum lamp shades, coolie and empire lamp shades, large lamp shades and several other varieties. With the introduction of these new improved lamp shades, the company has now become a comprehensive provider of lamp shades in the USA. Due to high shipping costs.

LampsUSA is an exclusive seller of HomeConcept Brand Improved Lamp shades. Each HomeConcept shade comes with a lifetime 100 percent wrinkle-free guarantee. The newly launched lamp shades are made of luxurious textured shantung fabric, parchment and linen fabric. These lamp shades create a comforting effect in the room. The fabric used in these lamp shades is resistant to sunlight and smoke, and will outperform traditional shades both in terms of style and durability. The new shades come with heavy brass and steel frames, which helps withstand mishandling by children and pets.

HomeConcept shades save customers shipping cost using a patented flat pack method which allows the shades to collapse for easy shipping. HomeConcept offers free shipping for purchases of over $79.

The website of the company enables users to search for an item by product category, or top brands. They provide a wide variety of home lighting fixtures, such as chandeliers, pendant lighting, flush mount fixtures, wall scones, table lamps, floor lamps, accent lamps and outdoor lighting options. The company is currently offering an instant coupon, which will enable customers to save 8% of the costs on their first order when they sign up for their newsletter.

When asked about the purpose of this new launch, the company’s President Steve Brielmaier said, “Customers have been demanding that aside from large drum lampshades we sell a totally improved Lamp shades that will surpass customers expectation. But the materials used in these lamp shades are so expensive, that’s why you can’t find them online anymore.” The company has been trying to manufacture this new product range for 7 years. Brielmaier continued, “After years of testing, we figured out a way to build a premium lampshade for less money than an ordinary shade.”

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