Home Concept Brightens Orphanage

Posted by steve brielmaier on

Honduras Orphan Provision Effort (HOPE)

Home Concept is a proud donor of lighting supplies and resources to the Honduras Orphan Provision Effort (HOPE),a mission board founded to promote the care of orphans in Honduras.

Since its beginning, HOPE has expanded to shelter and feed over 50 children, and Home Concept is proud to donate quality lighting to the construction of their new building.

“Dear Home Concept,


Thank You for all the beautiful chandeliers you gave for the orphanage in Honduras. I am sending this plaque as a way if saying Thank You and in Gratitude for your help. I appreciate all that you have done for the orphans of Honduras. I hope that in the future if you are making donations of lights, as we will be building more buildings, you will think of the Orphans in Honduras and the Honduras Orphan Provision Effort.”

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