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Home Concept Invites Customers to “Bring-Back-the-BoxWisconsin State Journal Article | WMTV Madison NBC15 TV 

As part of their “Bring-Back-the-Box” campaign Home Concept is now offering customers free recycling on Styrofoam, cardboard, and CFL bulbs. Customers can drop off these unwanted items atHome Concept stores and they will be re-used or recycled at no chargeHome Concept hopes to cut its waste-stream content up to 90%.Home Concept, with stores in Madison and Appleton, Wisconsin also sells online at

Madison, Wis. (November 15th) –   Home Concept invites customers to “Bring-Back-the-Box” to help reduce landfill waste. Home Concept re-uses Styrofoam, recycles cardboard, and properly disposes of CFL bulbs.  Now as a free service, Home Concept customers will be able to drop off their un-needed Styrofoam, cardboard, and CFL bulbs.

To achieve our goal of reducing the amount of materials headed to landfills by up to 90%, we have invested in equipment that enables Home Concept to reuse Styrofoam and recycle cardboard. It only makes sense to extend this benefit to customers”, states Steve Brielmaier, Home Concept president.

Brielmaier continued,“To reduce breakage, many products today come packed in Styrofoam, which, due to their unique molded shapes, are difficult to re-use.  We are able to reduce this foam into clean 1 inch cubes, which can be used over and over.” These cubes are perfect for protecting lampshades and lighting shipped via FedEx or UPS. Home Concept ships hundreds of packages each week to customers across America who purchase online at

Home Concept sells thousands of CFL bulbs, which save energy and power plant emissions.  CFLs do contain trace amount of mercury and therefore should be recycled properly.  Brielmaier stated,“In the past, consumers have been hesitant to recycle CFL bulbs because they were charged a fee per bulb.  When it is free, more customers will bring in their burnt out bulbs.” CFL bulbs last 8 times longer than incandescent bulbs, so customers don’t have to worry about replacing them for years.


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