The SECRET of Very Productive People

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• Are you frustrated that you didn’t accomplish all you expected to today? (The reason may surprise you, and it’s not your fault.)
• Does your bottom, legs or back get sore from sitting at your desk all day? Don’t ignore these pains! These are signs of poor posture and circulation that can sap your • energy and leave you with serious long term health issues. The solution is obvious: don’t sit for prolonged periods of time.
• But how do you avoid sitting when you are at your desk all day?
• What if there was a way to stand up while using your own desk at home or work?

Why use a Stand-up desk?

1. Improved circulation — standing up, even for only part of the day, gets your blood flowing better. You can avoid circulation and urinary problems that plague people who sit all day.

2. Increased energy — When you stand, your blood flows freely and your muscles and brain get more blood, and more oxygen. So naturally you feel better for longer. Instead of that mid afternoon slump, standing for even part of your workday will give you a burst of energy to power thru that slump.

3. Increased productivity — When your veins and arteries are pinched like a garden hose, is it any wonder you feel lethargic and easily distracted? But, when you stand up, your veins are “un-kinked” and more oxygen gets to your brain. You will be surprised how sharp and focused your brain operates.

4. Increased Brain Power — More oxygen to your brain lets you say goodbye to mental blocks and fatigue, and your lets your creative juices flow.

5. Less pain — Several studies show reduced back injuries or less back pain for standing desks users. People with back or leg problems simply cannot endure the stress that prolonged sitting at a desk creates. Even a one hour standing break per day will relieve the stress on your spine caused by sitting all day.

6 .Strengthen your core — Standing gives your core muscles a workout without you even knowing it. Everyone hates crunches so why not work out the easy way?

Why the Speedy Stand?
• Allows speedy conversion from sitting to standing and back again
• Solid Construction
• Mobile — use at home or work
• Less commitment than a traditional standing desk
• Low Price

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