A new lamp finial is the perfect way to complete your new or favorite lamp. Quality finial that is sure to dress up your tired lamp. Finials have a standard 1/4"-27 thread, which will fit the harp on almost every lamp. (This means the opening is 1/4" wide and there are 27 threads per inch.) 95% of all lamp harps will fit this finial. Finial measures 2.75" Height and 2" width. Material:Metal Alloy with Brushed Nickel finish.
  • WOLF HEAD SHAPE - 2" width, 2.75" high wolf head lamp finial. Eerie yellow eyes show attention to detail for this lone-wolf finial. An eye catching design to top off your table or floor lamp.
  • BRUSHED NICKEL FINISH - Brushed Nickel finish will match most lamps.
  • PERFECT SIZE - Proportional sized to fit most standard table or floor lamps. Finial measures 2.75" Height and 2" width. Threaded at 1/4" wide opening, threaded for standard 27 threads per inch.
  • FUNCTIONAL - Secures your lampshade to standard table or floor lamp.
  • EASY TO USE - Easily screws on/off. Fits standard lamp harps that measure 1/4" wide with 27 threads per inch.